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Working processes

 1. Enquiry: We will respond all enquiries within 24 hours (enquiries with drawings, samples) and provide quotation within 48 hours.


2. Order:Upon the confirmation of order, all the drawings and samples will be converted intodrawing inCAD format drawing paper. We will arrange time schedule for producingcustomer order will be listed into production schedule after design paper drawingare confirmed by both parties. Duringproductionthe producing period, Lian will keep on we tracking and recording production progress and feedback to customers regularly.


3. Inspection:After inspection during manufacturing and the final inspection before packing in factory, we will also do the third inspection before delivery to make everything right. Make sure you receive the satisfy products.


4. Packaging: All knives will pack with anti-rust paper and edge protect robber cover, and in inner box then in 3-layer corrugated paper carton. And for big knives, will protect by wood case with bolts. 100% safety during delivery.


5. Delivery: We select the appropriate delivery service provider for customers, to provide a safe and convenient transportation, logistics, and to provide tracking inquiries in a timely manner to facilitate the customers to trace delivery status.


6. After-sale service: We are responsible for every piece of knife out from our company, we always offer timely and satisfy solution when problem appears.

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