T serrated packing blade

  Today's form fill and seal packaging equipment is very precise and designed to run at very high speeds. Keeping this equipment running efficiently is very important and the knife is a very critical part of the machine. Having the proper knife can increase your production, reduce your down time, and ultimately increase your profits. LUK Manufacturing understands the needs of today's equipment and can help you get the most performance out of the knives in your form fill and seal machines. We carry knives in stock for many popular machines, and can customer manufacture knives to meet your specifications.




T serrated packing blade T serrated packing blade T serrated packing blade




  LUK Manufacturing offers a comprehensive range of precision ground blades, made from high quality hardened and tempered stainless and carbon steels. All form fill and seal packaging knives are made to meet or exceed the OEM standards. Some of the more common machines are listed below:

  AllPak, Autowrapper, Bosch, Cavanna, ConFlex, Doboy, Eurosicma, FMC, Fuji, George Gordon, Hayssen, Ilipak, Klockner Hansel, Otem, Pak Rapid, Record, Redpack, Rose Forgrove, Rovema, Sandiacre, Sig, Teyopharm, Triangle, Ulma, WR Grace


T serrated packing blade


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