Wood Chipper Knife

  Liuzhou Lian United Knives Co,.Ltd offers a comprehensive range of precision chipper knives, made from high quality hardened and tempered stainless and carbon steels. We produce many different styles of wood chipper knives, both standard and custom made according to the most exacting OEM standards. The blades are in use worldwide and specified by companies seeking to maximize their productivity and obtain a high finish on the processed timber. Our staff includes dedicated engineers, and passional sales.  Our facility includes in-house heat-treating which allows us to further enhance the durability of our blades.

Wood Chipper Knife Wood Chipper Knife
Wood Chipper Knife Wood Chipper Knife Wood Chipper Knife
    Please contact us and speak to one of our Sales Representatives to find out which blade will help boost your profitability.

  We offer the following steel qualities for optimum performance.

       Wood Chipper Knife:

D2 Tool Steel (EN/DIN 1.2379)

Quality tool steel suitable for soft timber.

M2 6.4%SW HSS (EN/DIN 1.3343)

A premium grade HSS for general use.

T1 18%W HSS (EN/DIN 1.3355)

Suitable for hardwoods because of its tolerance to high heat.


A8 steel has a good tenacity, high abrasive resistance and it can resist to high temperature fatigue.

  Other economy grades of steels are available to order

  Our Chipper Blades for Wood Chippers,Wood Chipper Knife, such as,wild fire chipper knife ,wood chipper shredder knives parts.

  Arboreater, Camom 250, Gandini, JBM, Lindana TP, Pezzolato, Tomahawk, Arjo, Cramer, Gravely/Promark, Jensen, Morbark, Schliesing, Tunnissen, Bandit, Dosko, Greenmech, Musmax, Te Ce/NHS, Timberwolf, Bearcat, Exenco, Highway, Junkari, KwikChip, Vermeer.

      We also supply thick planer.

 chipper knife

wild fire chipper knife

Wood Chipper Knife

Wood Chipper Knife


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