Scrap Blade



  LUK Manufacturing offers shredder inserts in a variety of sizes and styles to fit virtually every single shaft shredder in the market today from the most common units such as Vecoplan, Retech, Marathon, Republic, Zeno, Saturn, and Vortex to some of the more unusual brands like Lindner, NGR, and SSI.


Scrap Blade


  Our 45 years of expertise in manufacturing industrial machine knives assures you are provided cutting inserts that will maximize your shredders potential and reduce downtime. Our innovative designs and the use of modern alloys from tool steels to carbide composites provide unparalleled durability and superior performance sure to exceed your expectations.

  Performance, Reliability, and Innovation are reasons why more processors in North America purchase their replacement parts from CB Manufacturing. Call us today and modernize your shredder tomorrow with inserts and counter knife designs personalized to your application


Scrap Blade Scrap Blade


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