Kebab Blade, Doner Blade

LUK has been manufacturing kebab blades for more than ten years, and have made almost all sizes and shapes, for kebab slicer like Potis, Tandir, Ceylan, Dost and so many trade marks in Europe. For years in this business, LUK increasingly make improvement for the quality and appearance, which helps us win pretty good comments from our customers. 


LUK's kebab blades are very sharp with long life, for more advantages as follow:


1.) Material is 440C
We're are confident to say that our material is the best material for making kebab blades. We also receive many samples from Europe cilents, and after testing, we find many of them are made of 420-440, even worse than 440B. 

2.) Hardness
Our material can be treated the hardness higher to 60-62HRC, to make our blades very sharp and endurable. 

3.) Precise flatness
 Flatness tolerance we can make it within +-0.1mm, to make sure kebab cut of equal thickness and precise.

4.) Mirror surface, ensure presice cutting.
5.) Stocks available, quick delivery.
Diameter of LUK's kebab blades:
65mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm



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